cable coiling and packing machine

cable coiling machine

Automatic cable television coil packing line is primarily used to cable coils bundle that is with highly effectiveness as well as good product packaging for saving labor as well as material price. It is however focuses on the actual specs design as well as production of customized develop machinery.

One. Can be linkage along with pay-off stand as well as extruder collection
Two. Coiling speed is four times compared to manual coils
3. Can be linkage along with automatic wrapping device so that instantly wrap Pvc material film and put up Tag after coiling
4. If automated coiling device and automated wrapping machine at the same time operate, the rate is going to be seven occasions compared to guide.

the. Servo engine traverse, traverse is more perfect and delightful compared to manual turning wire
w. PLC can store cable fishing reel specification, whenever require change cable fishing reel specification, only need to study stored specs.
d. With automated examine wrong perform, automated send signal whenever incorrect come out
d. Performances;
at the. Voltage ;AC380V, 3-phase, 50HZ or supplied by client
y. Procedure path: intake cable from remaining , or decide by client
g. Wire size :?¨¦1.5-12mm diameter, electric cable, data wire, car cable, BV/AV power cable, creating wire.
they would. Shake-bobbin mind pace:200rpm max.
we. Item communicate: secure wire
2j. Overlength:device:Zero.01m, automated reduce speed whenever forecast
k. Navigate: servo motor control traverse, linkage along with shake-bobbin device
m. Electrical loop manage:Graphic owner user interface(PLC)
m. Switch as well as gauge on operation panel:touch screen, speed-adjust button, emergent switch
d. PLC has sparker 4 way stop
o. PLC has diameter trialist junction

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