pallet inverter manufacturer

The pallet inverter manufacturer

Following are some pallet inverter machines.

  • Pallet inverter-A series 
  • pallet inverter-B series
  • Pallet inverter-C series

The video of the machine in pallet exchanging.


Product Literature

The handling weight: 2t

Driving: Hydraulic

Clamper: 2 clampers

Handling level: Floor level

It is able loading tha unloading the pallet directly on floor level.


Attached you will find our preliminary design as your requirement. The pallet inverter/changer is similar to the one in the below video. The inverter could turn 90 degrees and change the pallet automatically. A pallet dispenser will provide a new one to the package one.
Pallet changer Video for reference:
more information:

automatic hose coiling machine and pipe coiler

Automatic Coiling Machine FCL-V1000

(For reference only, the automatic coiler machine for hose and pipe )

automatic Coiling Machine&strapping machine Features:

Easy to handling and operation.

High speed is coil making upto 100m per min.

Automatic coil strapping machine by PP.

Automatic counting and cutting the hose.

No need people in coiling.



This is Rondson, I’m in Brazil, south America. I work at research department, and this is our website:

We are a trade company and we already have a huge experience importing products from China.
Could you kindly send me a quotation for a custom automatic coiler machine for hose coil packing, that works with:

OØ = 20-60 mm (max);
No more than 20 – 25 Kg and about 100 mm height.

automatic coiler for hose and pipe manufaturer

The videos of the automatic coiler and you can find the machine for different plastic pipes.



The automatic coiler machine we did is for coil Max.OD 1600mm.

Learning from your requirement, for OD 65mm, 100mm, 160mm pipe, it may needs a bigger coiler.


The customzied solution is available, both automatic strapping or wrapping.


Pipe No. Pipe OD Wall thickness Pipe coil OD Pipe coil ID Pipe coil width Coiling Speed
1 100mm 1mm 1636mm 570mm 540mm 14m/min
2 100mm 1mm 1076mm 530mm 317mm 14m/min
3 65mm 1mm 1488mm 570mm 540mm 15m/min
4 65mm 1mm 878mm 410mm 215mm 15m/min


Other questions are:

Do you offer an integrated film wrapper with these size automatic coilers or do you sell a stand-alone unit.

———We are providing different film wrappers


Do you have a machine for covering the drain coil with filter sock before it is coiled.

—–Sorry, we don’t have


Please send me technical specifications of your automatic coiler machines and indicative pricing of your equipment

—–The information required as above list.

We have checked your offer about an automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine and that we need is only the stretch wrapper machine, we don´t need a coiling machine.  So, please offer only the stretch wrapper as you can see in the link below.


Please take into account the pipe dimensions of our coils.

Internal diameter: 30 cm

External diameter: 62 cm

High: 26 cm

The biggest has the following dimensions:

Internal diameter:  38 cm

External diameter: 90 cm

High: 32 cm