The way to check the automatic coiler function

wire spooling machine and strapping machine

Please put the transformer back to the automatic cable coiling machine.
It is short circuit.  From the picture and massage the burned one is power supply for hydraulic system.
Please check the solenoid valve coil in the hydraulic station is ok or not.
autoamtic coiling for cable
The most probable position is here: hydraulic valve line and cutter up&down valve
wire spooling machine and strapping machine
The short circuit checking mathod for the automatic cable coiling machine:
1. Pull up all the aviation plugs of the machine
2. Power on and checking the control panel,if transfer not heating too much after minutes, that mean panel is ok.
3. Plug in a aviation plug of one part machine, check the transfer is heating too much or not, if yes, check all circuit of this part. If not, plug in another one and check it…
As to the program, we will provide it later. So that you can download and reload it by yourself.